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Boulder Inn And Suites

Boulder Inn And Suites is a 2 star hotel
704 Nevada Hwy
Boulder City, NV  89005

$79    Standard Room
     Nov 6th.Dec 2nd.Jan 5th-8th. Jan 11th-15th. Jan 18th-19th.
$79    Standard Room
     Jan 9th-10th. Jan 16th-17th.
$89    Standard Room
     Nov 7th.

* Some rates shown may require a certain minimum-night stay.

Boulder Suites, Boulder City Overview

Free Continental Breakfast is included! Featuring Fantasy Theme Suites, the Boulder Inn and Suites is located in historic Old Town Boulder City. Suites feature in-room Jacuzzi, TV and VCR, King or Round bed, Kitchenettes, coffee maker, hairdryer and Complimentary Continental Breakfast. Spend the night in the Genie's Bottle, on Mt. Olympus, or in the Jungle Suite. For a truly memorable stay, choose the Boulder Inn and Suites.
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