Tips and Tracks for travel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tips and Tracks for travel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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LAS VEGAS TRAVEL TIPS is a discount hotel reservation service focused exclusively on cheap Las Vegas hotels. Read the Las Vegas travel tips to answer all your questions about the city - where to go, best places in Las Vegas. Hotels, shopping, how to reach Las Vegas and much more.

Las Vegas by Season: The Best Time to Visit Vegas

The best time to visit Vegas is not simply a matter of opinion; the season, activities in Las Vegas, and agenda should dictate each person’s best time to visit. Those looking for the cheapest rates should stay in Vegas during the summer months—July or August—during the week, when no conventions are rolling through town. Those looking for the most glamorous experience should check into a hotel around New Year’s Eve.

The most delightful aspect of Vegas is its accessibility. Everyone can enjoy elite amenities and live like royalty for affordable prices. People with money to burn may visit at peak season to see the strip at its busiest. Scheduling a visit to Vegas at the best time depends on each guest’s agenda.

Vacationers should keep in mind that all Las Vegas shows run throughout the week. There are blackout days where shows are not scheduled, but these are usually carefully staggered, so you can enjoy the same entertainment on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday that you could during the weekend. Show rates do not vary largely from night to night, but hotel rates do, meaning that it may be the best choice to visit during the week, if economy is a consideration.

In Las Vegas, it is not uncommon to find four-star hotel rooms for under $100 per night. Those rates may increase, depending on certain factors, including conventions, weekends, holidays and the fall and winter season in general. Summer guests visiting on a weekday when no conventions are in town might even find a top-tier room for less than $70 per night.

With all of these considerations, it is important not to only look for the cheapest stay. Consider that on New Year’s Eve, Las Vegas hosts activities that rival or even surpass Times Square in New York. From the fountains of the Bellagio to the special entertainment, ringing in the New Year in Vegas will provide a memory that most people could not get elsewhere. Every light shines, every bulb flashes, and Sin City pulses.

In short, those who can handle the excessive heat of summer will enjoy the affordable prices of the city throughout the summer months, and those that want an unrivaled experience will make reservations for the winter holiday season. The city thrives first and foremost on its legal gambling, so the tides of cost and entertainment rise and fall on its popularity. The city is also the only one in the States that regularly books major name performers for nightly gigs at its famous casino venues.

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