Tips and Tracks for travel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tips and Tracks for travel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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LAS VEGAS TRAVEL TIPS is a discount hotel reservation service focused exclusively on cheap Las Vegas hotels. Read the Las Vegas travel tips to answer all your questions about the city - where to go, best places in Las Vegas. Hotels, shopping, how to reach Las Vegas and much more.

Comparing The Strip to Downtown Las Vegas

When you are going to Vegas, the two most common places to stay are the Vegas Strip and downtown. While each has great aspects including the El Cortez, here is how they compare:

Total Costs
Downtown Las Vegas is usually cheaper all the way around. From hotel rooms to restaurants to casinos – everything tends to be cheaper downtown.

Both the Strip and surrounding areas have much to offer, depending on your taste and mood. Get the best of both worlds by sticking to the Strip for glamour and excitement, then taking a trip outside the main drag for historical sites like Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.

Both the Vegas Strip and downtown Vegas offer great options as far as dining goes.

The Strip gets pretty packed with cars and limos ferrying tourists and locals between shows, casinos, and hotels. You can avoid the congestion by using The Las Vegas Monorail.

There’s plenty of gaming in both the downtown area and the casinos on the Strip. Be prepared for the Strip casinos to be a bit more populated, both day and night. This can be a lot of fun for playing as well as people-watching.

The Vegas Strip has some of the best and most famous nightlife options in the entire world.

Having Fun in Downtown Las Vegas

So, you're staying in downtown Las Vegas and want to have fun, right? Luckily, having fun in Las Vegas is easy to do. Specifically speaking, downtown Vegas has some great hot spots.

The first thing you want to do is get a great hotel room. If fun is your objective, the best place to stay is the Plaza Hotel and Casino. At the Plaza Hotel and Casino, you have it all. There are many dining options within the hotel and surrounding areas. Additionally, there's nightly entertainment and great gaming options. Whether you like poker, slots, bingo or any card games, the Plaza Hotel and Casino has you covered.

After you've secured your hotel rooms, check out the many clubs and bars in downtown Las Vegas. A highly recommended club downtown is the Icehouse Lounge. When you are ready to eat, try Andres French Restaurant. It's also a good idea to buy a map of downtown Las Vegas to help you navigate around that part of the city.

When you are ready to book your hotel reservations for downtown Las Vegas, be sure to use At the website, you will find extremely low prices on top of the line hotels.

Hotels in Downtown Las Vegas

When you visit Las Vegas, chances are you stay on the Vegas strip. If that's the case, you are missing out on the wonders of downtown Las Vegas.

The great thing about downtown Las Vegas hotels is that the hotel rooms tend to be cheaper than other parts of the city. Even though they are cheaper, there is still all the fast paced action just like in any other part of Vegas. It has also long been rumored that the odds at casinos in downtown Vegas are better than the odds in casinos along the Vegas strip.

If you want to stay in downtown Vegas, a great option is the Las Vegas Club Hotel. The Las Vegas Club Hotel is located on Fremont Street in the heart of downtown and has a great reputation with many satisfied customers. The hotel has 400 rooms, but low rates mean that they can run out of space quickly. It’s best to book early. With slot machines, room service and nightly live entertainment; you'll be more than satisfied with your stay.

To book a room in the Las Vegas Club Hotel, use the website. You’re sure to find fantastic accommodations at rates you’ll love.

Visiting Main Street in Las Vegas

"One of the best-kept secrets of Las Vegas is Main Street. Main Street in Vegas isn't as popular as the Vegas strip, but it has a lot of history and there’s plenty of fun to be had.

If you want to stay on Main Street, the absolute best place to stay is the historic
Main Street Station Casino Brewery & Hotel. As the name suggests, this isn't just a great hotel, but it's also a live brewery. Voted as the best downtown hotel in Las Vegas, the Main Street Station Casino Brewery & Hotel is the place to be on Main Street. It’s also just a brief walk from there to the Fremont Street Experience.

At, you'll find money-saving deals for all the hotels along Main Street, and the Strip as well."

Why Stay at the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino

While the Las Vegas Strip gets a lot of attention, it's not the only action packed location in Vegas. If you want something different, consider the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino. Located at the corner of Main Street and Fremont Streets, this hotel is very unique and will give you a completely different viewpoint of Vegas.

The uniqueness of the Golden Gate Las Vegas lies mostly in its size. The smallest downtown hotel, it has only a shade over 100 rooms. It's also a very good option for a history buff, as this hotel was established in 1906 and is filled with various historical items that date back to the hotel's origins.

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