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Overview of CENTER STRIP Las Vegas Hotels

Sin City has expanded beyond anyone's imagination in the last few years but Center Strip Las Vegas, the heart of Vegas, will never be replaced as one of the most desirable places to be when in Las Vegas. If you are looking to experience the action Vegas is known for, then Center Strip is for you. You will find 5-star world-class accommodations, dining, spas, shopping and entertainment as well as moderately-priced 3-star hotels that still put you in the "center" of it all.

Center Strip stretches from Planet Hollywood to Wynn & Encore on the east side of the boulevard, and from MGM City Center to Fashion Show Mall on the west side. Here is a list of what's in-between so you know what it means to "stay Center Strip" on your visit to Las Vegas: MGM City Center, Planet Hollywood, Paris, Bellagio, Bally's, Caesars Palace, Bill's Gambling Hall, Flamingo, Imperial Palace, Harrah's, Mirage, Venetian, Palazzo, Treasure Island, Fashion Show Mall, Wynn and Encore.

Among the most popular destinations on Center Strip Las Vegas are the Paris, Bellagio and the Venetian. Each of these hotel casinos have built reputations for themselves as the most daring, highest stakes (both on the casino floor and inside the hotel rooms), luxurious environments in the city. When in Vegas, the trip has not quite started until you have given these central sights your full attention. Once you have looked, you will have to decide where to stay.

If you decide to stay at the Paris, you can look forward to Casino and shopping floor. Along the aisle of restaurants and shops, the sky of the Paris is especially designed to simulate a hastened twenty-four hour cycle, and the sky (the ceiling) changes from morning to night every ten minutes or so. The game floor is stacked with options from Paris themed slots to table games for everyone’s taste.

You can find authentic French food and much more. The rooms above the gaming floor are built to continue the theme. If you have the money and want the experience, check out the new Red Rooms, meant to imprint on your memory for a lifetime.

The Bellagio is nothing short of famous. It has been featured in seven films since 2007 alone, possibly because of the famous fountains that flow to the rhythm of music in the seven-acre lake in front of the hotel. If you have decided to stay at the Bellagio, you will be treated to an experience inspired by Italy.

The gardens, lobby and casino floor are all themed to bring guests elegance, and while excitement cannot help but pervade every corner of Vegas, Bellagio has achieved a surreal sense of peacefulness for its guests. Their classic villas are unparalleled in the city, featuring 8,000 square feet of private space, a personal kitchen, living room, sauna and private access. There are only eight of these villas, and they are aimed at the most elite class.

Last, but most certainly not least, the Venetian may appeal to your sense of adventure. This resort made itself independent through the entertainment it offers guests. They continuously book the most well-known entertainers along the strip, from Tim Allen and David Spade to the Blue Man Group. Their hotel room selection is purposely designed to be affordable and the casino floor is made for accessibility and ease of navigation.

So whether you want the finest in luxury, or the best entertainment, you have a place to go. There are so many Las Vegas hotels in Center Strip, the beating heart of Sin City, that limiting the experience to three will not be enough for most people. Though, if it comes to a choice, the Paris, Bellagio, and Venetian are must-see locations. process bar better price
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