Overview of NORTH STRIP Las Vegas Hotels

North Strip Las Vegas is where the bargains are! Many consider the northern end of the Strip to be "Vintage Vegas", featuring the well-known names of the Riviera, Sahara, Stratosphere and Circus Circus. If you are thinking of the "Rat Pack" right now, you know the area. Many visitors wouldn't have it any other way; they prefer the Old Vegas atmosphere of these hotels and casinos to the megaresorts. The Riviera and Sahara are also popular with conventioneers because of their close proximity to the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The Vegas Monorail has a station at the Sahara, so you can commute from there all the way down to the MGM Grand and back with ease. Plenty of stations along the 3.9 mile route make stop offs easy. If you want to visit Downtown Vegas, it is also nearby.

There are many dining and entertainment choices along the way. Hugo's Cellar in the downtown district has long been considered the most well-preserved Rat Pack dining experience in Las Vegas. They offer fine lobster and steak that has been dubbed "unbeatable." Two servers wait on each table, and a sommelier is available for wine pairings at every meal.

After a fine dining experience, you might want to check in for some old style entertainment at The Orleans where many people say, Sinatra's spirit is still honored in décor and performance. Recently, Paul Anka, a famous singer and songwriter filled the hall with his classic music. Many other greats consistently book at The Orleans as well.

You will also find a higher density of lower-risk table games available. Circus Circus offers ten low-limit poker tables featuring the popular Texas Hold 'Em and other well-known games. The Hotel and Casino also has a large number of penny and quarter slots for affordable play with significant payout winnings possible of up to $5000. After a long day on the town, knowing you are staying in a great hotel is so important.

Hotels on Las Vegas strip are easy to find, and it is harder to have a bad experience than to be pleasantly surprised. Because Vegas' goal is to drive economy into entertainment, they offer astonishingly affordable prices on classy hotel rooms. Many people staying in the city feel that they have 'outbooked' their means and simply enjoy the luxury of a night on the strip.

The Stratosphere Tower is an ever-popular destination for visitors with hotel rooms for every budget. It is close to all the major attractions in the city and adds a few of its own to the spectrum. For thrill-seekers, this is the place to be with a number of adventure rides to enjoy including the tower free-fall. The Stratosphere tower is among the most popular to-dos on the strip. For only a few dollars you can take a ride to the top of the one hundred-story observation tower and enjoy the view from above. What you do from the top is your choice!

Both the Riviera and Sahara Hotel and Casino are along the North Strip as well for your enjoyment. Both hotels offer a wide variety of room options as well as entertainment. So, no matter where you go in Vegas' vintage district, you will have the luxury of fine dining, gaming and great hotels on every budget.

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