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Overview of OUTER AREAS SOUTH Las Vegas Hotels

Driving in from Arizona on Highway 93 you come upon a Man Made wonder: the Hoover Dam, at the Nevada-Arizona border. It\'s about thirty miles southeast of Las Vegas. From California on I-15, you come to Primm Nevada hotels, at the Nevada-California border. It\'s about 40 miles southwest of Las Vegas. The last stop before Vegas is the Gold Strike Hotel & Gambling Hall in Jean, Nevada, about 30 miles out off I-15.

If you are coming in from highway 93 through Boulder, be sure to stop in at the Boulder Dam Hotel. It is an historic part of the Hoover Dam itself, having been built for the construction workers who created the massive dam. The hotel has been remodeled since, and its rooms are now boutique-chic. The community has preserved its identity as an integral part of the dam, but it has also branched out and become a popular destination for back-to-nature honeymooners, and avid outdoors fans. If you are coming to Nevada on I-15 to Primm, you\'ll have a different experience entirely.

Primm is a tiny community with lots to do. Primm Valley Casino Resorts is comprised of Buffalo Bill\'s, Primm Valley and Whiskey Pete\'s. This trio of hotels offers wonderful and wonderfully inexpensive accommodations, gaming every-which-way, and an abundance of restaurant choices, thrill rides and 3-D experiences. There are hot tubs to soak in, two golf courses to play on and 100 designer outlet stores to shop in. Star of the Desert Arena always has a great line-up of concerts, WP\'s Showroom has Country Superstars, and you\'ll find bands, lounge acts and a piano bar. A monorail system will take you from place to place, making enjoyment a stress-free activity.

Buffalo Bill\'s location is one of the three Primm Nevada Hotels in the large resort and it has more than 1200 hotel rooms to choose from, from Deluxe style to Jacuzzi Suites. The Wild West theme is fun for families and stimulating for everyone. Buffalo Bill\'s Poker room has a number of table games to choose from including the ever-popular Texas-Hold-\'Em. Dining is nearby and your choices include everything from fine dining to clean buffet lines.

All three hotels on Primm Valley Casino Resorts share their dining outlets, but each hotel has an individual theme and they all contribute differently to the atmosphere of the casino on their grounds.

Whiskey Pete\'s hotel is referred to as a "castle in the desert" and it\'s modeled after an 1800s mining town. The casino almost feels like a theme park so it won\'t be a surprise if you feel tuckered out after a few hours of gambling, but that\'s not a problem because when you\'re done, you can go back to your room for a rest. Whiskey Pete\'s special Mini-Suite is a step up from the Jacuzzi Suite, and if you\'re in the mood for a real luxury, it is the perfect room for you. When you\'re rested and ready to go out again, you can take a trip to the specialty pool (with the family or alone). There are great water slides and adult-only pools for the best relaxation.

Primm Valley Resort & Casino is the country club. The environment caters to luxury, relaxation and comfort. The casino is well-lit, and their rooms are all designed with an upscale atmosphere in mind. Of the three resorts, Primm Valley is the least family-oriented, and for many people, that is a relief. Instead, their atmosphere focuses on high-quality client services and entertainment fit for royalty. If what you want is an invigorating, high-class getaway, Primm Valley is the place for you.

This small town of I-15 might not be the Strip in famous Las Vegas, but for people who live nearby, or those who enjoy fewer shining lights and more time to relax, this is a great place to come. There is still all of the energy of a flashing casino without as much of the buzz of tourists. Houses three variously-themed resorts so anyone can find an atmosphere made for their likes. process bar better price
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